Trimming trees is an art. Each variety needs to be pruned differently according to shape, size, location, and health of the tree. An experienced arborist should be educated. When you hire a tree trimmer and their work equals that of something your neighbor could do you've been cheated. Hull Tree Care will NOT TOP TREES! Alternate method would be a height reduction. The same results except you keep shape, and health of your tree also achieving a longer lasting trimming. We trim all trees including Fruit Trees.

Removals small or large, we also have a Stump Grinder to remove the stump so as if the tree was never there or if you were to replant.

Disease Treatment & Prevention

Have concerns about trees or shrubs give us a call we'll come out and diagnose the problem and come up with a treatment. Ask us about EnviroTree this product is amazing we have used this for 4 years we have many happy clients that have witnessed what it does for trees, and shrubs. Other Services: Powerline Clearance (17 years experience), Lot clearing, Shaded Fuel Breaks, Planting Trees.